About Us

The Personal Trainer Business Toolbox came about due to the lack of business and marketing tools and information for personal trainers.

My name is Jesse Cannone and I have been a personal trainer since 1997. After years of struggling to find what works, I decided to help other trainers save time, money, and frustration by putting together a bunch of tools and resources designed specifically to help personal trainers and fitness professionals market and sell their fitness programs and personal training services.

So as a member of the Personal Trainer Business Toolbox you’ll have access to all of the tools, resources, information, AND complete ready-to-use systems that I’ve developed, used, and tested over the years.

Here’s what my members has to say:

“I was a school teacher full time and a personal trainer on the side for the last 9 years. I always knew that training people was what I loved doing more than anything. After reading Jesse Cannone’s Fitness Profit Explosion I knew that I should go with my dream. I resigned as a teacher, and WILL make a fantastic living from my personal training by implementing the 6 lead generation systems. Thanks Jesse!”

Steve Preston – Las Vegas, NV

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“Thanks so much. Your membership is worth 10 times more than the cost. I’ve increased my training income by $400 per month… and that’s not to mention the extra $200 a month from my website.”

Casey L – Orlando, Florida

Are you serious about your career as a personal trainer and are tired of running your self into the ground? Well, guess what – it doesn’t have to be like that!

You CAN earn a serious income as a personal trainer and without burning your self out, working all day and all night! I personally only train clients 3 days per week and make more money now than when I was training clients 6 days a week!

The key to success in this business is knowing how to market your services and products AND leveraging your time and resources so you earn more money while working less.

I can show you and help you!

So click here to become a member and in minutes you’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to sky rocket your income and take your personal trainin