Success Stories

Here’s what your fellow personal trainers have to say about the systems and tools that are included with your membership…

“I was a school teacher full time and a personal trainer on the side for the last 9 years. I always knew that training people was what I loved doing more than anything. After reading Jesse Cannone’s Fitness Profit Explosion I knew that I should go with my dream. I resigned as a teacher, and WILL make a fantastic living from my personal training by implementing the 6 lead generation systems. Thanks Jesse!”

Steve Preston – Las Vegas, NV

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Thanks so much. Your membership is worth 10 times more than the cost. I’ve increased my training income by $400 per month… and that’s not to mention the extra $200 a month from my website.”

Casey L – Orlando, Florida

“Amazing! I can’t believe how much money I was losing each month. Your marketing strategies have dramatically increased my advertising response and in less than 3 months I’ve been able to bring on 2 new trainers. I really like the ready to use sales letters, fliers, and post cards. Thanks again.”

Cindy B – Portland, Oregon

“Jesse… I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Professional Membership Program. Not only has it helped me improve my retention rate, but I’ve also earned some extra cash just by telling my friends about it!”

Gary D – Birmingham, Alabama
“I just became a member but I just wanted to say that I’m so impressed already with just the amount of tools and information in the members area of the site. I can’t wait to receive my manual and cd.”

Jeff B – Sacramento, CA
“Your membership has been so great for me… I love the manual and the all the great online tools you have. They have helped me to put up my first website and I’m already getting high listings in the search engines for my area. Thanks.”

Frank G – Chicago, IL
“Your manual was everything that I needed, and so much more! You covered things in such detail that it couldn’t be an easier. All I had to do was begin implementing the techniques and start testing them. Well, just 3 months into it now and I have already found 2 techniques that work extremely well. A recent newsletter mailing I did brought in $264 in sales for my new book! Well, thanks again… your system is great!”

Susan L – Palm Springs, Florida
“I’ve read hundreds of marketing books and courses before and never have I found one that hits on the points you do. Some of them are so basic yet so powerful, and so often overlooked. It’s only been a days since I finished reading the material and I already have so many ideas on how I’m going to implement these strategies into my business.”

Mandy C – Bound Brook, NJ
“Thank you so much! Your Maximum Fitness Profits E-book was exactly what I needed! You made it so easy to understand and the examples you gave made it easy for me to put some of the strategies into place. It’s only been 3 weeks and I’m already seeing a big difference. My advertising response rates have nearly doubled!”

Dan LaPointe – Seattle, WA

“Hello Jesse, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and wisdom. Your help will be priceless. I am new into 6 months and still trying to get things off the ground. Please keep the information and the support system coming my way. Thank you so much!!”

Terri Zilles – Greenbay, Wisconsin